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New Technology of Education project presentation
Pre-primary Institution
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Gori Non-state Temporal Foreign Languages Profound Educational
Secondary School ,,Intelekti


The school    dates back from 1999, 4 of October in Gori. 2, Toidze street.
Founder of the school Lali Baiadze. Professor of Gori State University
Director Darejan Baiadze
Manager - Merab Gokhelashvili
Information manager
Assistant Director Mzia Gigauri
Slogan of the school ,,Deliverance of Georgia is in schools
Symbol of the school Vine
School has got flag and hymn
The basic aim of the school - ,,school is the home of happiness

     The plot of the school
Routine of school ,,Intelekti
Teachers duty
Head teachers duty
Oath of students

      New methods of teaching
Traditional methods combined with the modern electronic versions.
Provide with computer technology
Improvement of the electronic version of the school data
Making educational CD-s by teachers and students according to each subject.
Improvement of distance teaching

      Effective educational situation
Various teaching resources in classrooms, cabinets and in main hall.
Using the school library in the process of teaching (books, videos, CD, photos and so on.)

      Educational process
To develop creative views and students personal dignities during the process of teaching.
To achieve the academic level in teaching
To study compulsory and additional subjects
Individual and team work
students various method estimation.
   which considers the individual originality of students, defends the childrens right Various component 10 point estimation of students
Estimation of each subject in various components
The levels of studying : high, middle, satisfactory, and weak.

      Routine of school ,,Intelekti
1. 2006-2007 school year in ,,Intelekti begins from 18th of September to the 1st of June. From the 1st of June- Year Achievement Test .
2. Holidays: Christmas and Easter.
3. School day begins from 9 oclock to 15 oclock. Changes are expected in winter.
4. Students uniform: black trousers/skirt and white shirt/blouse and colored pullovers with school emblems. The color of the pullover                  changes according to school steps.
5. Number of students in class 18 - 20.
6. Temporary breaking up is depended on the board of directors
7. Student who misses the classes frequently without any reason leaves the school.
8. Mainly there are well educated students in our school.
9. There are various methods of questioning with estimation of various components.
10. School days are divided in to explanation and question days.
11. Student gets 4,5 marks in various components in one subject .
12. Students have month final achievement tests under observation.
13. At the beginning of each month students will be introduced to the results of previous month.
14. Each student will have an estimation folder, where there will be placed confirming work of all subject achievements. Notes to students.          The documents of missing days. Parents proposals, notices and requests.
15. All the teachers have to use computers to impure the process of studding this process will give students the opportunity to improve         their studding and make it more flexible and modern. Students and teachers make educational CD-s together.
16. Each teacher places the marks in Data at the end of the week. Students have an opportunity to improve their achievement in each         subject.
17. Parents have the opportunity to observe the school work, timetable and the achievement of the students by the internet.
18. English and Maths are taught profoundly in each class.
19. We ask parents to control school, check the students progress, to attend the lessons and make out how the student answer and what         kind of lessons are giving our teachers.
20. Parents meetings are held in every class at the same day second Wednesdays of every month.
21. School has the students self-government day twice a year. (under IX-class leadership)
22. Student pays for the damaged furniture.
23. Parents can pay studding fee by terms.
24. In ,,VTB Bank of Georgia Gori brunch.
25. The best students and post graduates will receive the scholarship.
26. The school is served by bus.




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