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New Technology of Education project presentation
Pre-primary Institution
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New Technology of Education
                                The Electric Version of Georgian Alphabet as a New Technology of Education
                                                               (Self Teacher for Pre-school Children)

     The new computer technology is a very good way for making progressive reforms in educational system, which gives more chances to teaching and learning systems.
      This reform made us see the educational system differently, the way of directing a lesson, which I expressed like that:
                                                                                Method + Alternative=&n
     It will improve the effectiveness of schools. It is not necessary to have the theoretic methods to deliver a lesson. Methods should be created by the class (teacher or pupil), according to the subject or the thematic of the lesson.
The technology of making a lesson is depended on several things: the levels of school (I-II-III), its quality, technology of delivering the lesson and also on the family. The last one I called a biological school, as a mother, as a biological educator is a classic model of a teacher.
     Learning is a way of activity, which is not caused by the impulse of outside circumstances. This role, like a game, should be done by a functional tendency which means that subject is necessary in learning processes, which is given to the subject not from outside, but from inside, equally and freely to the active way of learning. This makes the idea stronger, that learning and playing are the same. In any way, learning should be as introgenetic as playing is.
      But in reality this is not so, learning always means something, which is learnt. It consists of an apparent idea in its context, which is given to a pupil from outside and it is not created on the impulse ground of his strength.
      In school, we teach something to pupils, this means that we definitely have an influence on their strength. So, we give subject to learn and they do not choose or create it freely.
     When a pre-school institution is based on the principles of playing, it is natural, that school appears to be a barrier of the problem for pupils on the first year of their studies.
      The influence of teacher over the pupils makes them have problems and they somehow partly lose interest of school.
     We think it will be better (for pre-school pupils if we give them materials, which will cause a very strong interest from their side.) This interest will be satisfied in school, if we solve the main problem - technology of reading. Learning of alphabet is the main term to solve this problem. If we give all these according to the pupils interests, we think that the most difficult problem of school will be settled in pre-school institution.
     Today pupils have stronger interests in computers, and if we offer the electric version of the alphabet based on the principles of playing, it will be perceived as a principle, and this will help us to solve the problem of playing and teaching of the (I- II) levels of school. All this will help us to make teaching processes easier on the first level of school, and increase the interest in teaching and learning processes.
     It is not possible to satisfy a pupil’s functional speaking tendention, if we do not give him a subject from outside as materials of any concrete subject. In our case we give them alphabet, which is the root for developing their speaking function.
     Until the pupils are five years old, we should use teaching principles in the development of a child not very strongly, in order to distinguish a child’s genetic and biological opportunities.
     The electric version of alphabet will give them opportunity to analyze and control their possibilities. All these will give them the chance to improve independent working skills to overcome the school difficulties, and help them to make individual conception of learning processes (to learn-learning), Which is the most important.
      All of these will be close to the processes of natural development of pupils, as the electric version of the alphabet does not have any additional enclosure of the methods of its teaching. A user has complete independence of learning alphabet as he wants, according to his individual possibilities. When we use this method, we do not control pupils how to learn alphabet, which gives them the chance to develope their analytic skills. The natural improvement of a child helps him to talk in his mother tongue and this will support the natural process of learning.
      Djan – Djak Russo and generally the supporters of the independent school based their work on the learning and playing. Nowadays the secret of schools and successful educational reforms are:
• The independence of education.
• The alternative version to see the reforms.
• Independence at schools.
• Autonomy of schools.
• Alternative books.
• Multy componential evaluation.
• Various methods of evaluating.

      And also the “firm secrets “which are kept by all schools to make success. In my opinion this is only a small enumeration of the ways, with which we should move to the new standards of education. And for success &n is the most important.
      One and the main method in learning process is the electric version of alphabet, which is used as a learning-game for 4-5 years old pupils and which makes easies the main and difficult problem for them – this is the problem of reading techniques.
      Do you read well? This means that you speak and think well!

      Alphabet consists of 6 activities:

      Alphabet – 1 slide
      Alphabet – 2 working on alphabet

     Making color activities

      Color alphabet
     Letters of alphabet

                1 Alphabet – slide

It helps us to learn alphabet better.

               2 Alphabet – 2. Working on alphabet

It is necessary to have elementary knowledge how to work on a computer.
It is possible to learn alphabet by using the pictograms situated in the left corner of the monitor.
Images appear on the screen with the right arrow.
Images are disappeared with the left arrow.
With the help of the cube we have opportunity to stop working or go on working on another letter of the alphabet.

                3 To make color activities:

Relaxing with learning.
“The spent “time on coloring is used to learn alphabet.
With the help of compute it is possible to color things. It is possible that every letter be printed and colored on the paper. Picture is made easily, which gives the users opportunity to draw it themselves and try to color it.


               4 Color Alphabet

It is the chance of self-praising for the user to see what he knows. Color alphabet can be printed and it can be used independently, without using the computer, to work on Georgian alphabet.


                5 Letters of Alphabet

The user can check his knowledge of alphabet by using the pictograms and in case of lack of knowledge, he can practice again. It is possible to print and laminate letters of the alphabet and make the names of animals by using these printed letters.


                6 Making “the animals”

Developing of quick thinking.
Making the principles of learning games.
Helping people to discover what are already inside them.

The new technology of learning alphabet will give us the chance to educate children appropriately to their natural developments.
A child chooses himself the activities, which will help him to discover the main principle of life – I am I.
Formation of observing skills and upbringing elements will begin in pre school pupils. Pre school pupils’ independent working, formation of alternative thinking and leadership principles will be naturally developed.

1. Computer
2. Traditional method

We are offering the several ways of learning alphabet with the principle of playing-learning.

1. Computer
2. Making words by using letters.
3. Making colorful activities on the paper according to the alphabet.
4. Coloring in the computer.
5. Doing step puzzles according to the alphabet.
6. Letters with pictures: visual materials, developing of imaginative skills, adopting innovations.
7. To learn individually and with the group.

The electric version of Georgian Alphabet is piloted in schools Intelekti, Gori, and in secondary school of village Jandara.

                Right of Authority

License of intellectual property of national center Sakpatenti.

The new technology of education, by which is possible to learn Georgian Alphabet, gives us the opportunity to make and use the same technology to study English, German, Spanish and other languages.

                Used Literature

I. Gogebashvili – Deda Ena
L. Baiadze – right of authority. License of intellectual property of national center Sakpatenti № 2310
D. Uznadze 2003 the psychology of a child, psychology of school age. David Uznadze Psychological Institute, Tbilisi.
L Chikvaidze – Pedagogical Issues in Adults’ Education. (The course of a lecture) 2004.

       Электронная версия букваря даёт возможность обучить букварь новой технологией обучения букваря:

• детям дошкольного возраста Грузии;
• грузинам, живушим за границей, для детей и внуков;
• негрузинскоязычному населению Грузии,

         при помоши которой происходят:

• быстрое изучение грузинского букваря;
• улучшение способности самостоятельной работы,
• креативное воспитание;
• развитие мышц кисти руки (которое обязательно при письменных работах);
• Выработка альтернативного мышления (компьютер, традиционный метод);
• развитие способности фантазии (рисование, цвета и др.);
• обучение элементарным способностям работы с компьютером;
• развитие воли (происходит обучение букварю при помощи рисования или компьютерными элементами без нажима);
• тренировка глазных мышц и др.

                                                   Lali Baiadze
                              Associated professor. Tskhinvali State University.




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